The Dust That Gathers In A Rundown Diner In A Small Town

Welcome! So glad you decided to stop in, sit a spell and have a cup of coffee on the house.

Here, among all the 45 albums glued to the wall and the glass cabinet full of salt shakers shaped like first ladies you’ll find a collection of writings that describe the kinds of places you only visit while on a road trip. The diners, gas stations, and shops that exist solely because they are the only thing off that stretch of highway, the kinds of places that seem to never update their stock even though they cornered the market by being the only thing there. The places where weird shit can happen.

These are not reviews, the writings are all fictionalized and created solely by me, as far as I can tell you none of the places I will write about exist, and if they do it’s purely a coincidence.

So, enjoy entering the dusty, sometimes sad corners of my mind as we take a road trip across Americana Obscura.