Truck Stop Soup, A Trailer Hitch, and Bibles With Your Name On Them.

You pull into the gas station that also doubles as a rest area for truckers and are taken in by the weirdness of it all. You step out of the car in the middle of nowhere and are greeted by harsh lights and the sounds of Arrested Development’s “Tennessee” playing at full blast. It’s late, but you need to fuel up so you can go to another place, another land.

As you step inside, a wave of tacky washes over you as your eyes scan the shelves. Sure, there’s the usual gas station fare you’d expect to find, but among that you see shot glasses, personalized bibles, half birthday cakes, and a soup and salad bar. The beverage fountain flickers it’s light at you, beckoning you into 128 ounces of corn syrup-y refreshment. Further back in the store you find screwdrivers, trailer hitches, a hunting jacket, 3 rain ponchos and a poison sign for a hazmat truck. Something catches your eye and you double back to a strange little hallway.

There’s a slot machine at the end of the hallway. And an arcade cabinet of some fighting game, 3 tables, and a tv. There’s also a washing machine and a shower. It’s all a bit odd to you, having never been at a proper truck stop, but everything seems both out of place and right at home here.

You pay for your gas, your 128 ounces of soda, and a shot glass while the clerk sings “I challenge you to a game of horseshoes. A game of horseshoes!”

You decline her challenge, as you have to get to Holly Springs to meet with Eshe.

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